Les boxers SAXX : savoir repousser les limites

SAXX boxers: knowing how to push the limits

Year after year, the renowned company SAXX gains popularity among male customers thanks to its boxers, which are known for their high technology...

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Year after year, the renowned SAXX company gains popularity with men's customers thanks to its boxer shorts known for their innovative technologies in support, comfort and breathability. With original designs and materials for all your activities, SAXX is once again pushing the boundaries of the men's underwear industry!

SAXX Underwear: For All Your Activities

The idea behind SAXX's designs is to create boxer shorts that allow you to take part in your daily, outdoor, or athletic activities while being assured of absolute breathability and optimal support throughout the day.

Whether you're a skier, swimmer, hiker, field hockey player or office worker, SAXX is sure to get the most out of life with a wide range of styles to suit every activity, every size, every shape and every taste. Whether you're looking for a short or long, tight or loose fit, you've found what you're looking for.

A wide variety of designs and colors are also available, from simplistic to more flamboyant, from sophisticated neutrals to bold patterns such as ice cream cones, pink flamingos, pineapples...!

Say goodbye to odors with SAXX underwear!

SAXX uses only the highest quality fabrics for its boxers (cotton, merino wool, poly-cotton, polyester, jersey knit, etc.) that are certified to control odor and moisture, and evaporate sweat faster. With nine breathable mesh panels supported at the thighs, buttocks and legs, all SAXX boxers are designed and created to ensure your underwear is completely breathable.

SAXX Pocket to Pocket Boxers

SAXX developed the BallPark Pouch® technology that all boxers feature - a breathable inner pocket. By separating your family jewels from your crotch, it provides natural support and unparalleled freedom of movement, and keeps your skin from sticking to itself.

What's more, each SAXX brief has a soft, stretchy, durable fabric, a soft elastic waistband and strategically placed flatlock seams that prevent your skin from chafing. So everyone gets full support and comfort, all day long.

You only have to wear one pair of SAXX underwear to recognize that the company is very different from its competitors. It is with great pride that Menshirt.com promotes SAXX boxers as a premium product!


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