Les boxers SAXX : savoir repousser les limites

SAXX boxers: knowing how to push the limits

Year after year, the renowned company SAXX gains popularity among male customers thanks to its boxers, which are known for their high technology...
Le secret de la collection Essentials de Robert Barakett

The secret of Robert Barakett's Essentials collection

Simple yet sophisticated design, comfortable, soft and durable fabric, and the perfect fit... Discover the secret of Robert Barakett's Essentials collection
Les sous-vêtements Pullin : une mode à part entière

Pullin underwear : a fashion in its own lane

Pullin underwear, which has experienced tremendous growth since the 2000s, continues to be in the Hall of Fame throughout Europe and North America.
Au Noir : bien plus que des chemises pour hommes !

Au Noir: more than just men's shirts!

Since 2009, Au Noir men's shirts have been a huge success with men.
Collection Essentiels

Collection Essentials

The necessary T-Shirt in every wardrobe.Robert Barakett's mission in creating his Essentials collection is based on a simple principle: clothing should surpass the usual comfort without ever overshadowing the man who wears it


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