Les sous-vêtements Pullin : une mode à part entière

Pullin underwear : a fashion in its own lane

Pullin underwear, which has experienced tremendous growth since the 2000s, continues to be in the Hall of Fame throughout Europe and North America.

Pullin underwear, which has been booming since the 2000s, continues to be in the Hall of Fame throughout Europe and North America. In a phone interview this Thursday, Mario - a menswear consultant for over 48 years - shared his thoughts on the remarkable success of the French company that continues to impress both men and women with its innovative designs.

A powerful and unique brand

Pullin revolutionized the world of men's underwear the moment it began designing underwear with avant-garde characters such as pizza peaks, surfboards, dogs, motorcycles, etc. Mario says these designs will appeal to a wide range of men and women. According to Mario, these designs appeal to a wide range of the population, from older men to younger ones. He even told us that some women take particular pleasure in choosing the perfect design for their partner.

In addition, because Pullin's primary focus is to provide a good, flexible and comfortable fit for each of its customers, the company offers a wide range of sizes, from XXS to XXL, from classic to long. This means that all men, big and small, can enjoy the benefits.

But above all, comfort, quality and originality!

Made of 87% polyester, Pullin's undergarments stand out for their soft, elastic, breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-irritation fabric. Mario also said, "They offer great freedom of movement and firm support throughout the day. This is not an undergarment that is going to be worn up the leg."

Also, the originality Pullin brings to its products is a big differentiator from its competitors. Sure, "customers will often hesitate because of the slightly higher price of the underwear," said Mario, "but once they try Pullin, they understand that they are buying comfort and originality."   

Over time, Pullin has thus become a fashion statement in its own right, differentiating itself through comfort, quality and bold themes. According to Mario, Pullin underwear sales have even surpassed those of ties, especially during Father's Day, the holiday season and Valentine's Day.


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